“At like other arcades, I can just go on that stuff and there’s not even an age thing.”

So I wanted to – there’s a museum there too, the Henry Ford Museum and there’s this, like, virtual car racing thing and this one lady who probably smokes cuz she kinda sounded like it by her voice and I – my mom – because this one guy let us in for free because we pretended to be in his family because he has like the – like a premium pass or whatever.

So he let us in for free, so my mom – but so my mom said we could – I could – she’d give me her credit card, and I could do it since she didn’t have to pay to get in because that one nice guy just let us in. 

But, so she – so she was like, I went up to the person there who probably smokes and she was like, “How are you?” And I said, “Good.”  And then she was like, “How old are you?” And I said, “11, even though my birthday is in four days. So I’m basically 12,” and she was like, “You have to be 12.” Even though, at like other arcades, I can just go on that stuff and there’s not even like an age thing, like even though it’s like motorcycles that just like go back and forth. Like that’s like scary than this. It was just like a seat with a steering wheel, like an arcade game. So what and I’m basically 12, so that wasn’t really fair.

And so she was kind of bullying. My mom was like, “Well, she’s 12 and -” She was like, “No, she told me she was 11.” And then, my mom secretly thought to herself, “Dang it.” Oh, but – and then she was – my mom said, “Um, but she turns 12 in like four days.”  And she was like, “I can’t – I still can’t let her in.” And then, I was like really mad kind of at her, but when we walked away we both laughed at it. 

And also at the museum, we were trying to get tickets for the museum. That’s when that one kind guy let us in for free, ’cause like we couldn’t find it ticket person. So we were like walking around and we were talking to this one guy who worked at a cash register or something – I don’t know, he just works there – and we were like, “Can we get like two tickets, please?” And he’s like, “Sorry, I don’t give out tickets.” And then, these people behind us were like holding up their tickets, chewing pieces of gum like, “We got our tickets and you guys don’t, hehe. We got our tickets! Hehehe!” And then me and my mom both laughed at that. 

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