“I thought I might be able to cheer them up with some flowers.”

So, flowers have been a pretty prevalent thing in my life. I remember a long time ago, I read an article and it turns out that most men will not receive flowers until they die. And so I’ve always had that stick out to me, and that’s why I like to buy people flowers. Like, if they’re close to me or if they’re just — I just feel like, I just want to buy people flowers.

I love giving gifts. I always have since I was a child and so people know me for bringing snacks at school, and it just — I want to make people feel happier and I want people to look forward each day and know that they have something to look forward to every day. Because I know how hard life can get, and I just want to remind people that there’s still good in this world.

I myself haven’t received flowers even though I’ve been a Boy Scout and I’ve done karate and piano, after concerts or after performing at karate, I haven’t received any flowers. And I’m hoping that maybe one day, I’ll be lucky enough to receive flowers before my funeral, but life is life, so whatever turns out will turn out.

But I do remember three distinct times I’ve given flowers to people. So, back in middle school, I was hanging out with my friend and I saw that flowers were on sale. So I got these flowers and then I gave them to my neighbor because
I know my neighbor was going through some stuff, and I thought I might be able to cheer them up with some flowers. And I heard that they kept them on their, um, like, their kitchen top. Like, they have like, a little island in their kitchen and they just placed it there until, like, the flowers died, I assume, and hearing that that they actually kept them actually kind of felt nice because, you know, I just assumed that they would keep them out for a while and then just throw them out, but they kept them there for their entire time.

And then when I first started seeing my ex, I remember the first time I went to their house, I brought like a huge bouquet of flower- — well, it wasn’t huge. I think it was moderately sized, at least, but it was a nice bouquet of flowers. I remember handing them to their mom and they were really happy about it and they also kept them up.

So I, I find flowers to be endearing.

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