“It really doesn’t fit me very much, but that’s why it’s Wacky Tacky Day.”

Oh, yeah, today is Wacky Tacky Day. And it’s fun! I’ll describe what I’m wearing. So, in my hair, I’m not really [doing] anything crazy, but I have half my hair pulled up into a bun and the rest is down. And then I’m wearing the bright, um, orange shirt — like, a neon orange shirt, and under that, I’m wearing a gold academy shirt? This gold academy shirt, I actually won it during a challenge thing. So the challenge was — um, I was at this camp, and it was a girls and boys camp, and one of the days — every day, they would pick someone to shoot a free throw, and if they made it, they’d win like a jersey or, like, something like that. And the day — that day’s thing was a jersey, and they picked me to shoot the free throw, and I made the free throw. And then they gave me the jersey, but since it’s a men’s and women’s camp, first grade through tenth grade, it’s a men’s large. So it really doesn’t fit me very much, but that’s why it’s Wacky Tacky Day. Um, and then under that, I’m wearing my bear pajama pants and they’re really comfy. I didn’t wear them to bed, though. I wore other pajama pants to bed because I didn’t want them to be dirty, cuz that’s kinda gross. And then I’m wearing one dog sock and one snowman sock — fluffy socks — and Crocs.

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