“I fell and I knew that I had broken my arm.”

“What’s a true story that you’ve told other people about that they don’t believe happened?”

Okay, so when I was younger, I liked jumping off chairs for fun ‘cause, you know, it felt like I was flying. And um, one time I was jumping off a chair and I fell and I knew that I had broken my arm. I mean, of course, I didn’t actually know that I had broken my arm ’cause I was like five. But I thought that I had broken my arm. So I told my parents that I broke my arm. And my parents were like, “Oh, no, you did not break your arm. Stop being dramatic. We’re going to church.” And I was like, “No, I broke my arm. I need to go to the doctor.”

So I was screaming and crying and finally my dad caved and he’s like, “Fine, you take her siblings to church. We’ll take her to the doctor.” So we go to the doctor and guess what? I had actually broken my arm. So instead of being like “Oh my gosh, I broke my arm!” I was like, “See Dad! I was right! I knew what I was talking about and I broke my arm!”

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