“I don’t know how he did it, but he beat it, and he was wearing an Elmo suit.”

Tell us about a time that you got to dress up… During school spirit weeks, I really like to go all out, like, as much as I can at least. We had something — like, it’s like our homecoming week and like, most of us usually dress up. It’s really fun. But there’s one kid who’s really, really, really good. He always has the best costumes. Like last year, we have something called “neon day”, and he came to school in like a literal neon green like, bodysuit. Like, covered his face, covered every single inch of him. And then he wore a green wig. So he went to school as a broccoli, which was kind of funny, but technically — basically, he’s really good. And so I wanted to beat him that year. And so I remember that one day we had, um, “dress up as a character”, and so I wanted to do a duo dress up with a friend of mine, and we were going to be going as the Good Witch and the Bad Witch from Wicked, and so I was going as the Good Witch. And so I had this cute little pink dress I was gonna wear, and then I did my makeup. I usually don’t wear makeup because it takes a lot of time, and also my parents would probably not like that, and also it’s just bad for my skin anyway. So that day I had done my makeup. I’d done my eyeshadow. I had a little glitter on my eye. It was really cute. And I mean, it was very poorly done, but I did my best and the dress was awesome. I had planned on going outside of my school to go find a stick that would work as a wand. I even made my own little tiara since I didn’t have one, and I made it out of tin foil and it was a lot uglier than I wanted, but it wasn’t horrible. I mean, like, it wasn’t bad. It just looked more like something an alien princess would wear rather than the type of princess I was going for. And so I went to school and I was like — what was I about to say? Oh, And so I got to school and I was like, “Yes. No one’s gonna be able to beat this. This is super over the top. No one’s gonna beat it.” Yeah, he beat it. I don’t know how he did it, but he beat it and he was wearing an Elmo suit! An Elmo — like, a whole entire Elmo suit, top to bottom, like, something you’d find at like, a birthday party. Like, it was crazy good.

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