“Well, while this is happening the casket slips and now it’s tilted.”

My aunt, my son’s great aunt, passed away, and she wanted all the nephews to be her pallbearers. And my son was 16 at the time, and he was a nephew, so he became a pallbearer. And I explained to him what pallbearers do, and he was like, “I gotta get in the grave?” And I said, “Heck no, you don’t get in the grave. You just bring the, the casket to the grave and set it on a, a stand and they take care of it from there.” Well, not my aunt. My aunt had the pallbearers put her in the grave. And then the funeral home director said, “Oh my gosh. She requested that her head be facing north and it’s not.” So they had to pull her out of the grave and flip the casket around and, and put the casket back in. Well, while this is happening, the casket slips and now it’s tilted. And my son, bless his heart, he was 16 and a weightlifter and a football player and he was very well stacked. And he jumped in the grave and he held up the casket until they could get the ropes back around it. Climbed out of the grave dusting himself off. And they lowered my aunt into the ground. And I promised him that if he’s ever a pallbearer again, that would not happen. My aunt, she was funny.

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