“When they were coming, they stole the ball we were using.”

So today at recess, just me and three of my friends wanted to play, like, just the us four. But then the other people who we normally play soccer with didn’t agree to that and they got really mad ’cause when they were coming, they stole the ball we were using — well, it wasn’t really a ball. It was a bouncy ball since those work best for playing soccer, even though it’s not a real ball. And then they got super mad at us for not being able to share it and stuff, so they told on the teacher. But since I was being nicer to them by saying to my friends, “Okay, we already had some time to play just the us four, so now I think we should play with them,” but they didn’t really agree, and it was hard for me to pick which side I should be on, so I was kind of in between. I don’t think my friends realize that I wasn’t following them a bunch. An- but the other group who we normally play w- with, they got really mad. And like I said, they told the teacher and they said that they — that the other three people that I was with couldn’t play with them if they asked. But then they said I could because I was nicer I guess.

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