“I was so upset when I found out that he, like, cut these jeans into shorts.”

Note: There is language that is excluded in the transcript but not excluded in the audio.

I remember when I was like in second grade, I thought it would be so smart if I like — first of all, like, cut my jeans into like, jorts, but then cut out the knee section so I had, like, the jorts part and then I just had like, the bottom half. So like there’s a whole section, like, missing. And then I would, like, tie the top and bottom halves together with like this fuzzy string and have, like, the hem part of the bottom of the jeans, like, hanging to the top part like some sort of trashy chandelier-type pants. 

I got like, halfway done, like, through making my creation and my dad, being a dad, just thought it was, like, trash and he threw it away and I was so upset. But — and then of course my dad being the perpetrator, and this is so funny because I remember one day after a soccer game in second grade, I — I played in jeans. It was the first time I ever played, like, a sport, so I was like, “I don’t know what to wear,” so I completely played soccer in jeans. But then again, like, I was also playing in, like, fall, so it was cold. 

But like, obviously my knee had, like, holes in them. So my dad was like, “Oh, I’m gonna be proactive and just, like, cut off the pant legs of these, uh, jeans and my daughter will have jorts.” Because like, he wears jorts all the time. My dad does not give a f***. He — he does his own thing. He just lives life how he wants to. So, props to [name].

Um, but I was so upset when I found out that he, like, cut these jeans into shorts, I literally had like a meltdown. A tantrum. I was crying, like, in my room over this pair of pants. And it’s like, and I could only wear them, like, at home, too, because I was not — you weren’t allowed to wear holey pants, like holey jeans or just clothes with holes in them at my school. So, like, I could literally only wear them at home or, like, uh, playing soccer.

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