“This doggone little spider got six of us women laughing so hard…”

My mother, my cousin, her daughter, my sister, and my sister-in-law all went to Shipshewana in Indiana. And, Shipshewana, there’s booths and it’s a big flea market. And then the town — you can walk through and see all the different little shops that they have in town. But they’re selling a lot of stuff so we had wandered in to get a drink. There was a little sit down area and we wandered in to get a drink and we were in a store, obviously, attached to the little soda fountain, soda fountain and, um, we were walking around.

And the gals all — their sodas came up so we all went and sat down and I had brought from what I was looking at to the table to show them. It was a little box and you just moved the top. But when you move the top, a spider jumped out and touched your finger and you’d scream and you’d laugh. Well, this doggone little spider got six of us women laughing so hard we were peeing ourselves, we were crying, we had stitches in our side, we hurt from, from laughing. And then somebody would do it again and it would set us off again and we would just laugh. We laughed for about 45 minutes. That silly little box with the spider attached to it had us, not giggling, but full out ugly laughing. It was so much fun.

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