“So I threw the ball and I do not have good aim.”

Well, maybe, I guess — so we were playing this dodgeball game but if you got out — well, it wasn’t teams. There were like five balls and you can move all, all around but you couldn’t move with the ball. If you got out, you had to go behind the basketball hoop and try to make it and if you did everyone was back in. So we were playing dodgeball and I had the ball. And there was a student in my class right in front of me. And he was actually new — he had been there for like two weeks. And I was trying to like aim to get him out because, you know, why wouldn’t I if it’s dodgeball? And so I threw the ball and I do not have good aim because it hit him in the head and I felt so bad because he had just gotten there and he started crying and I just felt terrible because — yeah, I didn’t mean to hit him in the head. And it got a little intense there, so.

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