“There was a woman unconscious on the floor by the sink.”

Monday was eclipse day, and my boyfriend and I had the day off. And we went to a park in Hudson, Michigan, um, which is like sort of near Adrian to watch it. It was one of, like, the recommended spots on the Michigan DNR website. So we had a lotta fun doing that. The only not fun thing was on the way back, we stopped at this, like, supermarket town center type place to use the bathroom, and when I came out of the bathroom, there was a woman unconscious on the floor by the sink. So I just, like, ran out and I started screaming, “Help! Help!” And some people, like, came in and were, like, looking for breathing sounds. And I called 911 and someone came out and I stayed until, like, they got there. I didn’t, um — I wasn’t sure if I, like, had to stay and talk to the cops, but I didn’t end up staying since, like, I didn’t know her or anything. Um, so — and I had like looked online later to see if I could like see anything, ‘cause I was like curious as to whether she like lived obviously, but I haven’t found anything, and she was pretty young looking so I feel like if she had passed there would be, like, online posts about it but there weren’t, so I’m thinking she probably made it.

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