“He gambled away all of our vacation money.”

A long time ago I was dating a man, and we had decided to go to Oscoda for the weekend. So I packed my bag. And it was a Thursday night, and we were leaving Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and coming back Sunday night.

Well, that Thursday night he decides that we should go to Firekeepers and gamble. And I noticed he kept getting up to go to the ATM. He’d gamble a while, then get up and go to the ATM, and then gamble a while and get up and go to the ATM, and he did this over the course of the evening. I had gambled my thirty five dollars out, and I was done and I was just watching him, and we left after he lost all his bettings. And I got up in the morning so that we could leave for Oscoda, and he said “Well, we’re not going to Oscoda, I spent all our money last night.”

Man, was I ticked off! He gambled away all of our vacation money. We were gonna have a little holiday. I mean, it wasn’t much, it was to Oscoda, but still. I was very disappointed in him. That relationship didn’t work out very well. We made better friends than lovers, and we became friends pretty darn quickly after that. I wasn’t gonna let anybody disappoint me that way again.

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