“Me and my mom and my sister were just immediately hooked.”

But anyway, so one year at the Hart Fair it was the first year that they had like debuted deep fried Oreos. And me and my mom and my sister were just immediately hooked. We were like, “This is the best thing God has ever created on this green earth.” And even though this is like years later when we first tried deep fried Oreos, every year after that we would get deep fried Oreos at the Hart fair. But just one day my mom was like, “Yeah, we have a fryer at home. We can make our own deep fried Oreos.” We were like, “Mom, why have you been keeping this information a secret?” And she was like “[I dunno] I just didn’t think about it.” But so anyway yeah, one time my mom, my sister, and I we all, you know, made our own deep fried Oreos. And I mean I can — we’ve only done it like once or twice. I mean and they were just as good as the ones from the fair but it does take a lot of frickin’ oil just for like a couple batches and the oil gets like dirty real quick. So you’re like using up all this oil for like 12 Oreos or something like that. So yeah, it is a little cost inefficient, I will say that, but they were delicious and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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