“What’s it called…? Oh, burning my fingers off.”

Oh, you know what else I did today? Today I started three — four — five fires today. I was very proud.

We were doing chemistry and we needed to light a Bunsen burner, but I didn’t realize the Bunsen burner I got sucked, like a lot. And so I kept on trying to, like, turn it on. So you would — here’s what a — you would take the Bunsen burner and then there was like this little, uh, tube. You insert one end of the tube into the gas nozzle and then you light a match. It’s important that you don’t turn on the gas nozzle until you’ve lit your match. And so I lit my match and it was really easy. Like, when we had to do, like, our fire unit, like, at the beginning the school year, it was really hard to get the matches. Like it was crazy hard. I was like, “What?” It was so hard for me. And then a few — like a month ago, I had to — I decided to do a training course for Wilderness Survival club. And they trained me on how to start a fire with flint and steel and it was really hard and I even had lighter fluid and it was still really hard. So now just, like, lighting a match felt like the easiest thing in the world ’cause it did not take that much effort and it was great.

And so we were — you would get the match, and then you would, as soon as your match is on, you turn your Buns- — you turn the gas nozzle and then you put the match over the Bunsen burner. And the gas will come out of the Bunsen burner and into the fire and it’ll catch fire and it’s great but ours didn’t work. So I had — I tried, like, three times to get the thing to light on fire but it didn’t light on fire. And one time it was extremely close to, like, uh, what’s it called…? Oh, burning my fingers off, which really sucked. But nothing happened, it was just really, really close, like, maybe a centimeter away from my fingers. And then our teacher noticed what was happening ’cause we called him over to ask him about it and he got us a new one because he was like, “Oh, that one doesn’t really work.” And so we tried it, but this one didn’t work either, it was so dumb! And I really was upset. I wasn’t upset, but like I was — it was very unfortunate. 

And so he give us a third Bunsen — wait, no, no, no. Wait, not yet, not yet. The second Bunsen burner, we didn’t know it hadn’t worked yet. And we — and so I lit a match and then I lit it on there and it started going on fire and I was like, “Oh my gosh, fire! Woo, we’re so amazing!” But then, as soon as I saw the fire, I got excited and I blew out the match so that it wouldn’t burn my fingers, but then I accidentally blew out the Bunsen burner too. It was so silly. And then it turns out that that one, you weren’t able to move like the nozzle to turn it to blue fire, so we had to get a different Bunsen burner. And this time the teacher started the fire for us, thank goodness. And then I started the fire the very last time when we had to turn it off, the Bunsen burner, and then we turned it back on again and he wasn’t there to light it on fire again so I lit it on fire. One — uh, ten out of ten, would do again. Very enjoyable.

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