“He says, ‘Don’t you dare pop that clutch getting started.’”

But I do remember some incidences with the hay. One time, I was driving the tractor and the field had quite a hill on it and we were going up the hill. The wagon was almost full. It was up to the top of that back rack and my brother was up on there and I had had to stop part way up this hill and with the tractor you use the clutch. It had a brake and a clutch and, and you had to keep your foot kinda on the brake and then letting up on the clutch. And when you’re on a hill like that, it’s really tricky to not roll backwards and, and my brother threatened me. He says, “Don’t you dare pop that clutch getting started because you’re gonna knock me off the wagon.” And of course then because he had said that it made me nervous and I popped the clutch and sure enough, him and a couple of bales flipped off the wagon, and he was not very happy. Let’s just put it that way. He was not happy. But anyway, I never forgot that how if he hadn’t said anything, I probably woulda been just fine and had started up, but because he said he thought I was probably gonna pop the clutch, that’s exactly what I did and flipped him off the back.

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