“I went to Meijer Garden yesterday!”
American Horse by Nina Akamu - shadow 4 A monument to creativity, The American Horse was created by famed animaliere, or animal sculptor, Nina Akamu. The work was inspired, in part, by a work created by Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci for the Duke of Milan in the late 15th century. The project was championed by Fred Meijer in the late 1990's, resulting in two casts of the 24-foot monument—one for Meijer Gardens and one for the city of Milan, Italy. Nina Akamu. The American Horse, 1999. Bronze, 288 x 91 x 339 inches. Gift of Fred and Lena Meijer. © Copyright DaVinci Discovery Center of Science & Technology Frederik Meijer Gardens Grand Rapids, Michigan Taken December 19, 2018

“I went to Meijer Garden yesterday!”

I went to Meijer Garden yesterday! It was great there. I love it there. So will I see Meijer Gardens again? It’s so fun. You should probably go to it with your mom and your dad. Okay!

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“We did mud swinging”

I will be talking to you about Fourth of July when coronavirus was here. So my grandma and grandpa were visiting from Florida and we have lots of fun with them. We grilled burgers and hotdogs and I like provolone cheese on my burger and mushrooms and onions. It tastes really good. We did mud swinging cuz we have a rope in our backyard and there's like mud under it. It's not like soft but we got a hose out and sprayed the mud and it was like so like fun and we just kept on sliding through and sliding through and sliding through. We got all dirty.

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“Dragon Masters…A bunch of kids have dragons”

Are you reading any good stories right now? Yes. Like what? Yes, -- yes like Dog Man and Dragon Masters, what do you like about the Dragon Masters series? They're sometimes funny. They’re funny. Can you tell us a little bit about the books that we’re reading? Dragon books -- books like these -- A bunch of these kids have like dragons and -- and a big -- a Dragonstone that helps them communicate with the dragons and they’re just little kids. But why do they have powerful dragons? That's the real question. And I know what's going on in the latest book that we're reading? There was this bad guy named Maldred that stealed both of the keys to break the Naga. I basically know what it is. It's an earthquake dragon. Okay Because I saw one of the next book. Okay, and what are the Dragon Masters trying to do? Save their town, save their city, save the world! Yeah. Yeah basically.

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“…we’re trying to figure out a way to celebrate.”

Ways to celebrate, you know, my son's 20th birthday is in two weeks and we're trying to figure out a way to celebrate. I was going to have a party at a park, a barbecue for the family, so we’d be outside. I had thought about getting a campsite at a nearby lake, so people could come and enjoy the weekend with us here and there. Yeah, I wanted to take him down to Auburn Hills to do this golfing place, I can't think of the name of it now, but it's a golfing like restaurant and you get to shoot golf balls and stuff off of the edge. It was really a neat place when I went there with one of my friends and it was fun. I wanted to take him there I wanted to take my daughter there too when she came to visit. I don’t know my son is kind of a homebody. He likes to be at home. He plays video games and stuff and he's -- He feels safe here and he doesn't -- he's nervous about going out because he is asthmatic, he worries and the face mask do make it hard for him. He can only keep them on for so long. So he likes to stay indoors, but he does like to get outside too. So I found a nearby lake that we can go to for free. Just get out of the house. Take a dip in the water and relax for a little bit.

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“I actually had a really great plan for Fourth of July.”

I actually had a really great plan for Fourth of July. I live about an hour away from a yacht club where I do sailing and they had a whole bunch of activities planned for the weekend.  So I just decided to spend the weekend there. I slept on the  boat, which had an AC unit.  It was very comfy, and it's way better than driving an hour home and an hour back every day.  So on Friday night, they had different tents spread out, and it was outside and they had different drinks and snacks that you could try, and I guess it was like a little competition and that was a lot of fun. Saw lot of friends and since it was outside, you know, we were able to keep our distance a little bit, which was fine.  I did have my mask for the weekend and inside the yacht club you had to wear it when you're not sitting down and so I wore my mask at various times throughout the weekend.

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