“I actually had a really great plan for Fourth of July.”

I actually had a really great plan for Fourth of July. I live about an hour away from a yacht club where I do sailing and they had a whole bunch of activities planned for the weekend.  So I just decided to spend the weekend there. I slept on the  boat, which had an AC unit.  It was very comfy, and it’s way better than driving an hour home and an hour back every day. 

So on Friday night, they had different tents spread out, and it was outside and they had different drinks and snacks that you could try, and I guess it was like a little competition and that was a lot of fun. Saw lot of friends and since it was outside, you know, we were able to keep our distance a little bit, which was fine.  I did have my mask for the weekend and inside the yacht club you had to wear it when you’re not sitting down and so I wore my mask at various times throughout the weekend.

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