“Dragon Masters…A bunch of kids have dragons”

Are you reading any good stories right now?


Like what?

Yes, — yes like Dog Man and Dragon Masters,

what do you like about the Dragon Masters series?

They’re sometimes funny.

They’re funny. Can you tell us a little bit about the books that we’re reading?

Dragon books — books like these — A bunch of these kids have like dragons and — and a big — a Dragonstone that helps them communicate with the dragons and they’re just little kids. But why do they have powerful dragons? That’s the real question.

And I know what’s going on in the latest book that we’re reading?

There was this bad guy named Maldred that stealed both of the keys to break the Naga. I basically know what it is. It’s an earthquake dragon.


Because I saw one of the next book.

Okay, and what are the Dragon Masters trying to do?

Save their town, save their city, save the world!


Yeah basically.

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