“I like listening to Christmas music, pretty much all winter long”

When is it too early for Christmas things to be out in stores? Do you celebrate Christmas? If so, do you buy presents throughout the year or during the Christmas season? When does Christmas start for you? I suppose Christmas things could be out in stores now, almost, all through November. I know people are like “ah, you’re skipping Thanksgiving.” But I mean, people can buy Christmas stuff whenever they want. I personally — we celebrate Christmas in my household. We’re a Catholic Family, Christian family, and so we all celebrate Christmas. I do not buy presents throughout the year. I would buy them during the Christmas season, if I were to buy them, and I don’t buy them very often. Christmas for me, season starts, I guess, probably after Thanksgiving. I like listening to Christmas music, pretty much the whole — all winter long. Yeah, I don’t mind them playing Christmas music, I think after Thanks — Halloween.

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