“envelope or envelope?”

Am I — envelope or envelope? And I think I vacillate between the two, which may be hard to believe, I think. But I’ve been making a point of trying to correct some — would want to call it — like speech patterns I may have, just from growing up where I did. Some of them I just roll with and I’m like, that’s me. This’s what I know. But I do know the word “inning” in baseball instead of “quarters” or “periods” or “halves” they have “innings”, the top of the first “inning”. I’m one hundred percent I was raised as an “enning” guy as though it’s spelled “E-N-N” and my girlfriend brought that up to me a few years ago, and I was in denial briefly. But then I was like, yeah, I probably do that. I should probably try to change that, and so I’ve been actively trying to switch that up. Same goes for “Illinois”, which I was — one hundred percent and “Ellinois” type of person, like you spell — as though the state started with an “E”. I was “meracle” person, like “do you believe in miracles” and I’ve been trying to actively change that to “miracles”, because I feel like “mir” is probably closer to what it should be, closer to the “M-I-R” sound than “mer-“. “Envelope” I just haven’t really decided. I think naturally an envelope, but sometimes if I can take my time, if I’m reading the word, I’ll be like this time I want to say it like envelope. My girlfriend is a first grade, and she’s big on spelling rules, so I asked her this question and she was firmly “envelope” cause that’s what the spelling dictates. But the quick counter argument would be –and I don’t know this, I didn’t care enough to look it up — but it’s like how about the word “entourage” or “entree” do you pronounce that “entree” and “entourage”? I’m guessing it probably has to do with the language of origin. But yeah, I guess I’m sufficiently curious now and I’ll have to go get to the bottom of that. But yeah, I guess if I had to pick one, I’m team envelope for now, but I’m open to change.

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