“That’s really delicious.”

Have you ever tried to make yogurt or cheese? No, but my grandma does it all the time. She’s from Jordan and she makes a Arabic or Middle Eastern yogurt called laban. It’s a white yogurt. Kind of like Greek yogurt, maybe a little thinner. You eat it normally, on top of — we normally eat it, like, on top of rice. She has a dish called maqluba, which is rice, chicken, cauliflower. I think there might be some onions in it too, and it’s pretty good with yogurt on top that she makes, the laban. And then — then the cheese is called labneh and it’s thicker. It’s kind of like cream cheese. I think it’s a little more sour and that’s pretty good in like a sandwich with — on bread. You eat it with like, tomato and cucumbers and other, you know, vegetables, lettuce. And you can make a pretty good sandwich out of that. Or sometimes on za’atar bread. Za’atar is like a spice. And you can eat that with like tomato and labneh. And then there’s a third type of yogurt called mansaf laban, which is made out of dried yogurt balls. You like mix it with water and it’s kind of like a soup and you eat it on top of like a rice dish called mansaf, which is rice and then it has lamb meat. And then you drown it in the sauce made from the yogurt balls. And that’s really delicious.

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