“And so he’s like the crossing guard.”

Anyway, we come around this bend in the road, and there’s this magnificent stag elk. Um, it’s coming up the side of the road, up onto the road. He’s got the whole, uh, the whole family with him. He’s got the little ones and then the mom, and all of ‘em, all the, all the elk, the whole – his whole elk family. And so he’s like the crossing guard, he comes out into the middle of the road and just stands magnificently, mind you, until the whole family gets across and then he kind of takes his magnificent head and kinda shakes it a little bit and continues his walk like, “Yeah, you mere humans,” you know. Anyway, a couple of times we saw elk on this route. Some real similar experience – magnificent animal, my gosh. They just, they’re just amazing. But the one guy – was driving, we used to carpool, and he, uh, starts beeping his horn at this elk and the elk kinda snort and looks at him, like, you know, “Really?” And I said, “What the h***’s the matter with you, stop beeping your horn, you want him to charge the car? You know, you got this Ford Astrovan,” or whatever it was. And, uh, so he stopped beeping the horn, anyway, and we gave the elk and his family time to cross, but that was probably the most magnificent animal I’ve ever seen in person. Or I guess that would be the coolest.

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