“Finding something like this, its a wonder”

One that really stuck out to me partially because it was a positive thing, but also cuz it happened in, you know, the U.S. and it was this big scientific discovery. I believe either, I’m pretty sure it’s Missouri, but it was either Missouri or Mississippi. They found a new species of dinosaur. Not only did they find a new species, they found the juvenile skeleton of a duck-billed dinosaur and then a few meters away, they found an adult, and I believe the adult was intact, and if I’m remembering correctly, they think that there might be more nearby. So I don’t know if that means they think there’s a herd potentially but, you know, just that could reveal so much about their social habits, and, you know, what kind of eating habits they had and stuff like that. So it’s just super cool. The other interesting piece about that is 80 years ago, there was a bone discovered from the species and it was donated to the Smithsonian, but the Smithsonian didn’t bother to identify. They didn’t do anything with it. So I am kind of wondering if that means the Smithsonian is going to kick up some legal trouble because they’ve had this bone for so long, you know, I’m sure that there will be enough specimens to, you know, say, oh, the Smithsonian’s gonna get one and, you know, I’m pretty sure it’s Missouri, but, you know, let’s say the Natural History Museum in Missouri gets one or the University or whatever, but one of the things that I find so fascinating about this is we live in the internet age. We have all of this information at our fingertips and, you know, the kind of magic and mysticism that our ancestors lived with has dissipated, so finding something like this, it’s a wonder.

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