“…it was after we had this really big senior versus junior event at our school”

Like, the wallpaper for the home screen has like a nice story behind it. So it’s like this blurry picture of me and my friend hugging, and it was after we had this really big senior versus junior event at our school and the seniors ended up winning that night and it’d just been a rough week for all the seniors in my school cuz we had a lot of things going on, but we ended up winning and it was like a very like, dramatic day because it was like, raining midway and it was like stressful and like, it was really tight between the juniors and the seniors for a bit and we ended up on top, and it was just a really, really fun night for me and the people on my team. It was like a powder puff game and it was just a really fun night for us because we were able to like celebrate something and things had been a bit difficult for a bit for all of us in the grade so it was nice to finally have something to celebrate for and I remember like we all like rushed on to the field and we were screaming and shouting and it was so so much fun. And then after we all cleaned up, we all headed up to this like a rooftop and kind of just had like a small little celebration. Like everyone brought their own food. We were all just hanging out and the whole team was taking pictures. And so yeah, that’s where I got this photo.

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