“It’s like a three inch long pickle on a two foot tall tree.”

We always have this tradition which I just learned recently that — so I was always under the impression that it was a German tradition, cuz I am German American, to hide a pickle ornament in the tree for Christmas. And so, how the story goes is that whoever find the pickle first gets to either do one of two things, they either get an extra present that’s been put aside for that purpose or they get to open the first gift. And so as I was growing up, I was under the impression that this was like a like German tradition, which technically it is, but it’s more of a German American tradition that only like people in Germany don’t do it, but the people who immigrated from Germany do it, or that immigrated to America from Germany do it. So it’s more of that which I thought was interesting because I always thought otherwise, so it’s cool to learn new things sometimes. But yeah, that was my favorite. My aunt had, I think, I want to say like four or five pickles that you would hide in her tree. One was like a real sized cucumber that you would hide and then the next was like a teeny tiny little gherkin that she would hide. So that was always a fun tradition that we had, was hiding those in the tree and trying to find them. So I always looked forward to that, and now we have two in our own tree and then I put up a little tiny tree in my college apartment, and I put one in it. The problem with mine is though is that it’s like a three inch long pickle on a two foot tall tree, so it’s quite difficult to hide and my friends were giving me grief for — and I can agree, but they were making fun of me because they would look at me and go “I found it” and just point at the tree, but it didn’t quite work out as I had hoped it would, but next year I will have a better one and I’ll use that one as like a fake out. So they’ll think they found it, but they actually haven’t so that’ll be fun.

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