“…we duct taped the pole back together and repainted it brown”

Waterbeds were big in the 1980s. Have you ever had a notable incident with a bed? So I remember when I was, I think I was in second grade, my parents specifically told me and my sister to not play ninja, but we still played ninja. And the way we play ninja is with those fake, lightsabers and stuff. And so, we were playing ninja in my room. And you know, how beds have those poles at the end, like four poles on the four corners of the beds. And so I think — I’m not sure if I hit one of the poles or my sister did, but one of us hit the pole and it broke in half and it fell down. And we were — we both didn’t want to tell our parents because he knew would get in trouble. And so my sister got some duct tape and stuff and I got some paint, and we duct taped the pole back together and repainted it brown, so that — cuz we didn’t have brown duct tape. And then I remember my mom came to tuck me in that night, and she asked what happened to our bed and I came up with some really bad excuse and she found out what had happened. Although I think — I think she really liked our gesture of trying to fix it, so she wasn’t as mad as she would have been originally.

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