“… it took probably a year and a half to be able to really walk right…”

Today I want to talk about ankles and the importance of quality ankles. Six years ago I was going to physical therapy for back issues and I was doing really well with it. And I was almost done and it was November that we had had a little snow, some snow, and I went to park at the parking lot of the physical therapy, parked my car, got out of my car, when I went to walk up to the building. I fell and I didn’t know, but there was black ice there and I landed on my ankle. So, my foot was going the wrong way, and there was a bone come out the other way. It was really bad. And so I laid there for a while until ambulance came. But anyways, I had a trimalleolar fracture and that’s the worst fracture you can have for an ankle, but I went to William Beaumont Hospital, they relocated the bone, and then a week later, after the swelling went down, I had surgery and the doctor put in a plate and eight screws, and a stabilizing bar. So, I couldn’t walk at all for three months. I couldn’t step that foot couldn’t step down on the ground. The doctor told me that I had to pretend there was live ants at the bottom of my feet. And those ants better stay alive for those three months.So I did it. I was cooped up in my house in a wheelchair for three months and eventually had stitches out. I had have another surgery to take the stabilizer bar out. But long story short, I was able to walk again. Of course, I had to have physical therapy and it took probably a year and half to be able to really walk right, as right as I walk again.

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