“And everyone stared at me and it was very, very embarrassing.”

I’m trying to think if there’s ever like a super serious situation and I began laughing. Usually, I’m able to control myself. Most of the times I’m able to control myself, and I don’t laugh out loud when I shouldn’t. Oh, well, there’s this one time where my parents were hosting this event at our house and it was more like an adult thing. It was kind of like a religious thing and my brother and I, we were just like playing in the back of the room, while everyone else was sitting down, and we were like so bored and again, like we were like whispering, but he said something super funny. And I just started laughing out loud and I forgot that I’m in a room filled with these adults and they’re all here for this thing. And I totally forgot. And everyone stared at me and it was very, very embarrassing. And also I feel like this prompt reminds me of moments where like, you’re just talk- like there’s so many times where I’m just talking in a class and like everyone is talking amongst themselves, and I’m just talking to a friend that’s sitting next to me or across from me and suddenly right when I get to like it’s not even a weird part of the story It just sounds really weird out of context. Right when I say something like that immediately the whole class goes quiet. And it’s so so embarrassing because obviously what I was talking about was not weird or crazy. It’s just that it was timed so awkwardly and everyone got silent. So out of context and found very, very weird, but it’s not. So, I think situations like this are just bad luck and it’s just not timed out well, and it happens and it’s very, very, very embarrassing. But you know, it is what it is.

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