“so it’s really weird looking and it was just how it sounds, an angry leprechaun dance.”

Any other ways you celebrated St. Patrick's Day?  Ummm, Uhhhh I don't know. Did you wear a green to school?  Oh, yeah. Describe. Earrings, socks, and hair clip.  So you just work accents of green?  Yeah, but then I still tattooed my entire face, when we got to school, which was fun.  And then, you had a green face.  And then, we were fedoras. Oh! Actually, me and [name] had an angry leprechaun dance.  An Angry leprechaun dance? It's very random thing to bring up.  Describe your angry leprechaun dance. No so in the middle of the dance, and it was sort of like, you could go out in the middle and then people would like cheer for you or whatever, and then you should show them your best moves. But me an [name] being morons that we are, and our other friend, did an angry, leprechaun dance, which is just how it sounds. So us being like, completely green wearing these hats. This is before the hats got stolen. And us was just looking like absolute morons went up like we I don't know how to explain it was like a weird Irish jig, but we did it and then we had the guy play metal or death metal. Oh, so it's really weird looking and it was just how it sounds, an angry leprechaun dance.  Were you angry when you danced? No  Okay. But, we had to make these weird faces - or we didn't have to, but we did like a frown but it wasn't like a normal frown. It was like, we we taped her cheeks back. So then it looked like frowns, but it was like, you couldn't move your face. So it looks so weird.  Did you win anything for this?  No.  You just did it because it was fun.  Oh, yeah, it looked so funny and weird. So why not?  That's cool.

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“And everyone stared at me and it was very, very embarrassing.”

I'm trying to think if there's ever like a super serious situation and I began laughing. Usually, I'm able to control myself. Most of the times I'm able to control myself, and I don't laugh out loud when I shouldn't. Oh, well, there's this one time where my parents were hosting this event at our house and it was more like an adult thing. It was kind of like a religious thing and my brother and I, we were just like playing in the back of the room, while everyone else was sitting down, and we were like so bored and again, like we were like whispering, but he said something super funny. And I just started laughing out loud and I forgot that I'm in a room filled with these adults and they're all here for this thing. And I totally forgot. And everyone stared at me and it was very, very embarrassing. And also I feel like this prompt reminds me of moments where like, you're just talk- like there's so many times where I'm just talking in a class and like everyone is talking amongst themselves, and I'm just talking to a friend that's sitting next to me or across from me and suddenly right when I get to like it's not even a weird part of the story It just sounds really weird out of context. Right when I say something like that immediately the whole class goes quiet. And it's so so embarrassing because obviously what I was talking about was not weird or crazy. It's just that it was timed so awkwardly and everyone got silent. So out of context and found very, very weird, but it's not. So, I think situations like this are just bad luck and it's just not timed out well, and it happens and it's very, very, very embarrassing. But you know, it is what it is.

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“Our custodial crew saw that tile was sagging, so they opened up the ceiling and they found…”

The funniest person I know. My brother is pretty funny. He makes me laugh quite a bit. Growing up he was probably the one that always made me laugh the hardest, and I think both of us have a good sense of humor and are very similar. So I'd say my brother and it's just his delivery. He's very good at staring at, you and giving you just the stone cold glance. I mean, one example, I've mentioned I work in student housing, and one summer. We found in the ceiling 'cause it's ceiling tile units. Our custodial, crew, saw a tile that was sagging, so they opened up the ceiling and they found like two hundred liquor bottles throughout this entire unit in the ceiling. And then as I started pulling down, they found bongs. So there's this picture. It was sent from my facilities manager with all these empty liquor bottles spread out on the table, and then there's various bongs in the front and it just cracked me up. And so I sent it to my Family Group text, and and my nana who was like a 76 year old woman, who's relatively clueless to the ways of the world she responds and it's like, "Oh, what's that Beautiful vase in the front?" And I was like, "oh no, that's a bong." And she's like "A bong? What's a bong? Does it make noise?" And my brother just responds with a: bong bong. And that's my brother. Like he will just kind of poke fun at people. And so then he just started poking fun at Nana. And he's like, "Yeah, it makes tons of noise. Didn't you hear it Nana?" and she gets confused and he just keeps giggling and sending her funny things. And yeah, so that was the time.

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“…I mean defacing a book, my gosh, but right in her textbook she drew a little portrait of a guy”

There was a question about whether a friend and I got in trouble for laughing in class. Yes, I would say this happened to me more than once. The thing that the one that I remember must have been from, like fourth or fifth grade and my friend [name] we had a, we had a social studies book and there was a story in there, almost like a little like a little colored box like on the sidebar to the text. And it had a headline that was something like, you know, what happened to you know, the gizzard shad or the crisis with gizzard shad or something. And of course, I no idea what gizzard shad are. I mean, it's kind of like fish but I didn't know what the time and I don't even really remember what the story was about. It was, you know, probably about something maybe environmental or ecological where, you know, the population of gizzard had was suddenly a lot smaller than it was supposed to be and this was You know, some some kind of thing that scientists had to get to the bottom of about, I don't know, pollution, or who-knows-what. Anyway, all I can remember is that there was some kind of headline, that sort of suggested there was some mystery or peril involved with gizzard shad. So anyway, my friend [name] - and right in her social studies book which was like, you know, terrifically naughty, I mean defacing a book, my gosh, but right in her textbook she drew a little portrait of a guy and put a little, you know, like a little nameplate underneath that said, like gizzard shad. And this is something like who is gizzard shad? Or where is gizzard shad? And this, this is struck me as so funny. I just remember, I just lost it. I mean, I must have I must have been sitting next to her to see it and I'm pretty sure I can- I think the reason the sticks in my mind is that we got like yelled at for being disruptive. And I think, and I'm pretty sure that any time I saw that picture I would start to laugh again throughout that year.

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“…thought the newspapers were free”

I thought the question about doing something and finding out retroactively that it was illegal was kind of funny. I have I have accidentally done that before. I was thinking about this just the other day when I was in college, I don't -- I don't know why, I obviously was being stupid, but it really never crossed my mind like the local grocery store, when you went in, you know, there's that section where you like go through the automatic doors and then there's like lawn chairs and things like that in that area usually. And then there would be like, pallets of newspapers and I don't know why, but for some reason, I thought the newspapers were free. So like every time I left the grocery store, I'd grab a newspaper. And I did this for a long time. And one time I was there with friends, and I took a newspaper and they were like, what are you doing? And I'm just, I don't know what I said, but like they informed me that no, those aren't free. I guess I thought they were like extras or something. I don't know. But that you were supposed to tell them at the register that you wanted one, and then you grabbed or you grab on the way in and pay for it at the register. I don't know. So, I stole  -- accidentally stole or stole without knowing many newspapers from the local grocery store in college. I didn't anything about it. I had no idea how many I'd taken, and I mean, they're not very expensive, you know, less than $2. Maybe the maybe the Sunday one was like $2, I don't know. I stopped stealing them, but I didn't like go offer to pay for them or anything. I had no idea how to make restitution for that, but I stopped taking newspapers.

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