“Our custodial crew saw that tile was sagging, so they opened up the ceiling and they found…”

The funniest person I know. My brother is pretty funny. He makes me laugh quite a bit. Growing up he was probably the one that always made me laugh the hardest, and I think both of us have a good sense of humor and are very similar. So I’d say my brother and it’s just his delivery. He’s very good at staring at, you and giving you just the stone cold glance. I mean, one example, I’ve mentioned I work in student housing, and one summer. We found in the ceiling ’cause it’s ceiling tile units. Our custodial, crew, saw a tile that was sagging, so they opened up the ceiling and they found like two hundred liquor bottles throughout this entire unit in the ceiling. And then as I started pulling down, they found bongs. So there’s this picture. It was sent from my facilities manager with all these empty liquor bottles spread out on the table, and then there’s various bongs in the front and it just cracked me up. And so I sent it to my Family Group text, and and my nana who was like a 76 year old woman, who’s relatively clueless to the ways of the world she responds and it’s like, “Oh, what’s that Beautiful vase in the front?” And I was like, “oh no, that’s a bong.” And she’s like “A bong? What’s a bong? Does it make noise?” And my brother just responds with a: bong bong. And that’s my brother. Like he will just kind of poke fun at people. And so then he just started poking fun at Nana. And he’s like, “Yeah, it makes tons of noise. Didn’t you hear it Nana?” and she gets confused and he just keeps giggling and sending her funny things. And yeah, so that was the time.

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