“so it’s really weird looking and it was just how it sounds, an angry leprechaun dance.”

Any other ways you celebrated St. Patrick’s Day? 

Ummm, Uhhhh I don’t know.

Did you wear a green to school? 

Oh, yeah.


Earrings, socks, and hair clip. 

So you just work accents of green? 

Yeah, but then I still tattooed my entire face, when we got to school, which was fun. 

And then, you had a green face. 

And then, we were fedoras. Oh! Actually, me and [name] had an angry leprechaun dance. 

An Angry leprechaun dance?

It’s very random thing to bring up. 

Describe your angry leprechaun dance.

No so in the middle of the dance, and it was sort of like, you could go out in the middle and then people would like cheer for you or whatever, and then you should show them your best moves. But me an [name] being morons that we are, and our other friend, did an angry, leprechaun dance, which is just how it sounds. So us being like, completely green wearing these hats. This is before the hats got stolen. And us was just looking like absolute morons went up like we I don’t know how to explain it was like a weird Irish jig, but we did it and then we had the guy play metal or death metal. Oh, so it’s really weird looking and it was just how it sounds, an angry leprechaun dance. 

Were you angry when you danced?



But, we had to make these weird faces – or we didn’t have to, but we did like a frown but it wasn’t like a normal frown. It was like, we we taped her cheeks back. So then it looked like frowns, but it was like, you couldn’t move your face. So it looks so weird. 

Did you win anything for this? 


You just did it because it was fun. 

Oh, yeah, it looked so funny and weird. So why not? 

That’s cool.

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