“…I mean defacing a book, my gosh, but right in her textbook she drew a little portrait of a guy”

There was a question about whether a friend and I got in trouble for laughing in class. Yes, I would say this happened to me more than once. The thing that the one that I remember must have been from, like fourth or fifth grade and my friend [name] we had a, we had a social studies book and there was a story in there, almost like a little like a little colored box like on the sidebar to the text. And it had a headline that was something like, you know, what happened to you know, the gizzard shad or the crisis with gizzard shad or something. And of course, I no idea what gizzard shad are. I mean, it’s kind of like fish but I didn’t know what the time and I don’t even really remember what the story was about. It was, you know, probably about something maybe environmental or ecological where, you know, the population of gizzard had was suddenly a lot smaller than it was supposed to be and this was You know, some some kind of thing that scientists had to get to the bottom of about, I don’t know, pollution, or who-knows-what. Anyway, all I can remember is that there was some kind of headline, that sort of suggested there was some mystery or peril involved with gizzard shad. So anyway, my friend [name] – and right in her social studies book which was like, you know, terrifically naughty, I mean defacing a book, my gosh, but right in her textbook she drew a little portrait of a guy and put a little, you know, like a little nameplate underneath that said, like gizzard shad. And this is something like who is gizzard shad? Or where is gizzard shad? And this, this is struck me as so funny. I just remember, I just lost it. I mean, I must have I must have been sitting next to her to see it and I’m pretty sure I can- I think the reason the sticks in my mind is that we got like yelled at for being disruptive. And I think, and I’m pretty sure that any time I saw that picture I would start to laugh again throughout that year.

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