“We just don’t give them enough credit.”

This audio contains language that has been redacted in the transcript but not in the audio file.

He used to, like, pop off all the time about how, like, seagulls were, like, the best bird ever, how, like, they don’t get enough credit, but, like, they’re great. Their immune systems are great, they can just eat whatever they want and, like, they’re still healthy. And we just don’t give them enough credit. And as he’s, like, going on about how great they are, we’re on the beach and this seagull s****, like, right on his head. And I have never seen someone change their opinion, you know, one-eighty, so fast. He was like, “You know what? No, f*** you!” And so ever since then he’s been like, “No, f*** seagulls, they’re the worst.”

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