“Today, I got four teeth out”

And actually, today, I got four teeth out and like first, and like first I got my laughing gas and numbness, then I waited, then I got two of my front teeth out, and then the fourth step. Was to...And again this one is again optional, to wait some more. Wait a little more. So the reason this is optional is because you can only be getting your front teeth out and you'd already be gone basically, so some people take three steps, some people, they don't have three steps but this is basically if you're getting front and bottom teeth out, these would be the steps. So, optional would be wait for bottom numbness. Cuz it takes a little longer for the bottom to get numb. And again, Five would be optional as well because step five would-be take bottom teeth out.

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“So I was Cinderella”

Now granted it's been since high school, but yes, I have auditioned for many-a-play. I guess I'll talk about my favorite role. So my senior year of high school. I was the only senior that was involved in theater like consistently. So, I've been from freshman year on in like the spring play was always a musical and I was always in that except for, I think Anne of Green Gables, and I opted out of that and in that case, I was make-up and then I was staged crew so I always had some role but I was pretty much always on the stage. So, senior year spring- I don't remember what the fall play was, but the spring musical, they came to me and said, "what do you want? You're the only girl, you're the only senior we'll let you pick" and the sky was the limit because I went to like I said Catholic school and there's actually money in the theater department which was shocking. So I said, "I want to do Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella" and they were like, "Oh, okay. Well, just let you know. It's really hard to get those plays." Well, they got it and then they made me audition for it, which was kind of funny because, like, I could sing, and they knew I could sing. And I today, I was actually singing the musical in my car, on the way to work. So that was fun for part of the, they wanted my range. So there's a few songs that they had identified. They were a couple of hymns and then they had me song Star-Spangled Banner. So I did, and that was kind of funny for an audition, cuz everyone was like, what? I didn't know, you could sing that. And then they, for a minute, wanted me to sing at the sports, but I said, "no, thanks." So I was Cinderella. And it was, it was wonderful. I had a wonderful time in that play.

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“So you inspired my new career change into trauma medicine.”

Recently, I've decided that I might wanna switch to trauma surgery for that, like, high interval, high-intensity type deal, ‘cause I think that would make things exciting and being able to help people that really need it in terms of, like, right then and there would be really fun. I was with a friend of mine, I was able – on St. Patrick’s day – was able to help this girl. So to preface, this girl was very drunk. We were walking back, me and two of my other friends from where we were at for St. Patrick’s Day. And we saw her just kinda, like, laying on the sidewalk with nobody that looked – with nobody really around helping her. And she's kinda lying on the sidewalk and my friend and I kinda looked at each other and we were, like, “Okay, we got this.” And so I kinda, like, walked up to her and I was like, “Hey what your name?” She's, like, freaking out. And I'm like, okay from what I know from what Dad's taught me, from what everything that I've seen before, I need to – ‘cause there's, like, a pool of blood on the sidewalk and I can't see – her hair's like all up in her face and I'm like, I can't tell where this is coming from. So I really hope it's not her head. So I need to figure this out. So I’m like, all right. “Hey, I'm gonna need you to look at me. I know it's scary – I’m gonna need you to just look at me. It's okay.” And so she looks at me. And she's kinda looking at me and I'm like, oh my God, thank God. It's just – well, not just her nose, but her nose is a lot easier or would be – is a lot less scary than if it had been, like, a massive head injury. So I was like, first of all, I was, like, relieved, that it was literally just her nose. Her nose is definitely broken, though. But, so her nose is bleeding. And I'm like, “Okay, I just – just look at me.” And there's, like, blood everywhere. So I'm like, “Okay, just look at me,” ‘cause I’m like, if she – she's gonna, she might start freaking out. So, we're talking to the guys that were already…

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“I was absolutely a super fan of The Music Man”

I saw the prompt is musicals. And when I think of musicals, the first thing that came to my mind was The Music Man, which is my favorite musical from when I was a kid. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of musicals in general. I like them, but I'm not a super fan as some people are. But growing up, when I was probably eight years old, I was absolutely a super fan of The Music Man. Specifically, the film from, I think it would have been the early sixties. Maybe the late nineteen fifties. No, I think it was an early 1960s movie. I don't really know why I liked it so much. I watched a lot of classic musicals growing up. I'm a big movie fan. I'm sure I'll talk about movies a lot in this diary series. But anyway, I watched a lot of like the classic fifties musicals, you know, the big Hollywood musicals when I was a kid cuz my mom really likes them, and The Music Man was my favorite one. I just really like the music in it and I would watch it almost every week, maybe even multiple times a week for a while. And I think it was mostly when I was in second grade when I watched it a lot. And the reason I remember that is because that was the year that my sister got married and I was the flower girl in her wedding. My sister is a lot older than I am. And I was the flower girl at her wedding, and the dress that I wore to be the flower girl looked a lot like Maid Marian's dress in the movie. And I would put the dress on when I watched The Music Man and I would dance around specifically to the song Till There Was You, which is my favorite song from the musical. Which is also --  there's a Beatles cover of that song as well, which always amused me. But that song was my favorite and I would dance around and pretend that I was Maid Marian. I think I just found The Music Man very romantic as a child. You know, obviously, your ideas of romance as a kid are very different than your ideas of romance as an adult, but it is still kind of romantic. It's just a…

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