“I was absolutely a super fan of The Music Man”

I saw the prompt is musicals. And when I think of musicals, the first thing that came to my mind was The Music Man, which is my favorite musical from when I was a kid. I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of musicals in general. I like them, but I’m not a super fan as some people are. But growing up, when I was probably eight years old, I was absolutely a super fan of The Music Man. Specifically, the film from, I think it would have been the early sixties. Maybe the late nineteen fifties. No, I think it was an early 1960s movie. I don’t really know why I liked it so much. I watched a lot of classic musicals growing up. I’m a big movie fan. I’m sure I’ll talk about movies a lot in this diary series. But anyway, I watched a lot of like the classic fifties musicals, you know, the big Hollywood musicals when I was a kid cuz my mom really likes them, and The Music Man was my favorite one. I just really like the music in it and I would watch it almost every week, maybe even multiple times a week for a while. And I think it was mostly when I was in second grade when I watched it a lot. And the reason I remember that is because that was the year that my sister got married and I was the flower girl in her wedding. My sister is a lot older than I am. And I was the flower girl at her wedding, and the dress that I wore to be the flower girl looked a lot like Maid Marian’s dress in the movie. And I would put the dress on when I watched The Music Man and I would dance around specifically to the song Till There Was You, which is my favorite song from the musical. Which is also —  there’s a Beatles cover of that song as well, which always amused me. But that song was my favorite and I would dance around and pretend that I was Maid Marian. I think I just found The Music Man very romantic as a child. You know, obviously, your ideas of romance as a kid are very different than your ideas of romance as an adult, but it is still kind of romantic. It’s just a very old-fashioned romance. Yeah, I think upon reflection, it’s very outdated. You know, they called Maid Marian a maid because she was probably in her late twenties and was unmarried and was a librarian. Marian, the librarian. Madam librarian is a song in it, too. But I think I love it now as an adult because the music is very catchy. Seventy-Six Trombones is a classic. Until There Was You is a beautiful love song. The “Gary, Indiana, Gary, Indiana” that’s a good one, too. There’s a lot of classics. And Little Ron Howard is in that movie. He’s very cute in it, too.

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