“So you inspired my new career change into trauma medicine.”

Recently, I’ve decided that I might wanna switch to trauma surgery for that, like, high interval, high-intensity type deal, ‘cause I think that would make things exciting and being able to help people that really need it in terms of, like, right then and there would be really fun. I was with a friend of mine, I was able – on St. Patrick’s day – was able to help this girl. So to preface, this girl was very drunk. We were walking back, me and two of my other friends from where we were at for St. Patrick’s Day. And we saw her just kinda, like, laying on the sidewalk with nobody that looked – with nobody really around helping her. And she’s kinda lying on the sidewalk and my friend and I kinda looked at each other and we were, like, “Okay, we got this.” And so I kinda, like, walked up to her and I was like, “Hey what your name?” She’s, like, freaking out. And I’m like, okay from what I know from what Dad’s taught me, from what everything that I’ve seen before, I need to – ‘cause there’s, like, a pool of blood on the sidewalk and I can’t see – her hair’s like all up in her face and I’m like, I can’t tell where this is coming from. So I really hope it’s not her head. So I need to figure this out. So I’m like, all right. “Hey, I’m gonna need you to look at me. I know it’s scary – I’m gonna need you to just look at me. It’s okay.” And so she looks at me. And she’s kinda looking at me and I’m like, oh my God, thank God. It’s just – well, not just her nose, but her nose is a lot easier or would be – is a lot less scary than if it had been, like, a massive head injury. So I was like, first of all, I was, like, relieved, that it was literally just her nose. Her nose is definitely broken, though. But, so her nose is bleeding. And I’m like, “Okay, I just – just look at me.” And there’s, like, blood everywhere. So I’m like, “Okay, just look at me,” ‘cause I’m like, if she – she’s gonna, she might start freaking out. So, we’re talking to the guys that were already there, they say that they didn’t know her, but one’s on the phone with 911 already, so they’ll be here shortly. So my friend and I, my friend’s holding, like, her hair back and keeping it out of her face ‘cause it’s, like, literally blood-soaked. And I’m just kinda, like, trying to talk to her and like, “Hey, where are your friends?” She’s missing her phone. She has no idea where her friends are and – but anyway, so she starts kinda freaking out and I’m, like, just trying to calm her down and I’m like, what does my dad do? And ‘cause one thing my dad always does, especially when, like, I’m freaking out for something, he’s like, “Okay, just look at me. Just look at me, just calm down. It’s okay.” And that’s kind of what I’m doing, so I have to – or kind of what I did, like, verbatim from his little lesson – like, not quite lessons, ‘cause he didn’t directly teach me this, but I just, like, from watching him, I know how he usually is able to help people. So that was interesting, too, I hope your nose is better now. I hope you’re doing better. You inspired my – I figured out that I was pretty good at that. So you inspired my new career change into trauma medicine. So thank you for that.

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