“the driver went and he like rode over her art piece.”

So this is, this is, this didn't happen to me. But I remember the other day, we were driving to the hospital for one of my doctor appointments. And it was, you know, like one of those art portfolios? So, this girl is walking with, with one of her art portfolios, and it just randomly started to like rain really heavily. Michigan weather, you know. And it was really windy. And her art portfolio opened, and one of her art like, came, like flew out of the portfolio, and went onto the road. And this was like one of the church schools that's next to the road. And it was a green light, so like the cars had to go. And they didn't - it wasn't - it happened really quickly. So the driver couldn't do anything and so the driver went and he like rode over her art piece. And like we were in like the lane next to it. I was like - I wanted to tell my mom to stop, and I told her but she was like we couldn't, you know, it was it was a green light. And so we drove past and I looked to the side and it was like some sort of beautiful forest I think. And it just had like, muddy tire marks over it . And I felt so bad, but nothing that that has happened to me. Thankfully, knock on wood.

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“…they’re just dozens of snowmen that hadn’t been there the night before”

For at least five or six years, my husband and I lived in an apartment complex in [redacted]. And that's where we like, like we moved there when we didn't have kids and then we had both our kids while we lived there and then from there into this house. But it was actually an awesome apartment complex. It was like these beautiful brick buildings that had been built in the 1930s and it was, you know, they were full of character, you know, wood, floors and all that stuff. And and it was all like green space in between the buildings, you know, most modern apartment complexes there's parking lots and then, maybe like a central little green space. This was just all green space, to the point where someone you had to park too far from your building, but I digress. And then each like horseshoe of buildings, had a courtyard in the middle. But again, all beyond that was just like tons of just open green space and it backed up to a fair grounds, the state fairgrounds. So it's just really a lovely place to be even though was like, close to downtown. I mean, I liked being close to downtown but I'm just saying it was like the best of all worlds, any way it was really diverse to like, it was very reasonably priced. And yet everything from, you know, college students to families to elderly folks. So I miss it. But anyway, While we lived there, I was - I worked retail and I was inventory coordinator. So I often had to go and really early to do like inventory counts and stuff before the store opened. So one time during winter, it was really really snowy tons of snow and I think I had to be at work at 6. So I was probably by leaving at 5:30 in the morning and so it was dark obviously in like usually there was like no one around when I would go out to my car that early and I came out of the back of our building into the courtyard and they're just dozens of snowmen that hadn't been there the night before or the day before. Night before anyway. I mean more than 20, and I had I have some pictures which is what I'm going to try to attach. But what…

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“A tornado just touched down in Gaylord”

Before I got back on the highway to go home, I stopped at this little gift shop thing. Because my mom used to have an Indian River snow globe, but my cat broke it. So I was looking for another snow globe, didn't find it, just started going home. Anyway, so after that I was starting to head home and I got off the highway in Gaylord and when I got off the highway like there was a lot of traffic and I like couldn't exactly figure out what was going on. But I tried to go to Starbucks and the Starbucks was closed. And so I- I was on the phone with my boyfriend at the time, and he was like, "Well, is there a Biggby?" And I was looking, I'm like, "I think that's closed too," but then I got up to an intersection and I saw that the lights weren't working. So I said, "Oh, there must be a power outage." And I made a u-turn, and I like started to go back and there were sirens everywhere, and I thought that like, "Oh, it must be like the cops are getting to the intersections to a direct traffic." So, anyway, I got back on the highway, and my boyfriend had just kind of been, like, I guess, absent-mindedly like scrolling Facebook or like, scrolling the news or something. All of a sudden he goes, "Oh my God!" I'm like "What?" He's like, "A tornado just touched down in Gaylord." So, it turns out that I missed the tornado by like 20 minutes. Like, if I had been in that area, 20 minutes earlier, like I could've been in the middle of the tornado. And it was really serious. It was like an F3 I think. I read there were two fatalities and like 60 some injured. Entire buildings are gone, cars are smashed. It was just, it was unbelievable like, the amount of damage there was. So I was really fortunate that - I think maybe my grandma might have been trying to steer me into the souvenir shop just to keep me away from the tornado. And I know, like some people might not believe that that's true, but I think I do.

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