“…they’re just dozens of snowmen that hadn’t been there the night before”

For at least five or six years, my husband and I lived in an apartment complex in [redacted]. And that’s where we like, like we moved there when we didn’t have kids and then we had both our kids while we lived there and then from there into this house. But it was actually an awesome apartment complex. It was like these beautiful brick buildings that had been built in the 1930s and it was, you know, they were full of character, you know, wood, floors and all that stuff. And and it was all like green space in between the buildings, you know, most modern apartment complexes there’s parking lots and then, maybe like a central little green space. This was just all green space, to the point where someone you had to park too far from your building, but I digress. And then each like horseshoe of buildings, had a courtyard in the middle. But again, all beyond that was just like tons of just open green space and it backed up to a fair grounds, the state fairgrounds. So it’s just really a lovely place to be even though was like, close to downtown. I mean, I liked being close to downtown but I’m just saying it was like the best of all worlds, any way it was really diverse to like, it was very reasonably priced. And yet everything from, you know, college students to families to elderly folks. So I miss it. But anyway, While we lived there, I was – I worked retail and I was inventory coordinator. So I often had to go and really early to do like inventory counts and stuff before the store opened. So one time during winter, it was really really snowy tons of snow and I think I had to be at work at 6. So I was probably by leaving at 5:30 in the morning and so it was dark obviously in like usually there was like no one around when I would go out to my car that early and I came out of the back of our building into the courtyard and they’re just dozens of snowmen that hadn’t been there the night before or the day before. Night before anyway. I mean more than 20, and I had I have some pictures which is what I’m going to try to attach. But what was hilarious was that they weren’t just like here’s  some snowmen. They were like making little things and stuff. Like someone must have spent so much time and I often wonder if it was one person or a group of people cuz it would just crack me up with like one person just bought a couple hours during all this, but like there was a big tree and all these tiny like maybe a foot tall a little snowman. Twenty? I don’t know how many more than a dozen of these tiny little like Druid snow men’s and encircling snow persons encircle this tree. Like they were performing some sort of ritual with a giant snowman like directing them.

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