“the driver went and he like rode over her art piece.”

So this is, this is, this didn’t happen to me. But I remember the other day, we were driving to the hospital for one of my doctor appointments. And it was, you know, like one of those art portfolios? So, this girl is walking with, with one of her art portfolios, and it just randomly started to like rain really heavily. Michigan weather, you know. And it was really windy. And her art portfolio opened, and one of her art like, came, like flew out of the portfolio, and went onto the road. And this was like one of the church schools that’s next to the road. And it was a green light, so like the cars had to go. And they didn’t – it wasn’t – it happened really quickly. So the driver couldn’t do anything and so the driver went and he like rode over her art piece. And like we were in like the lane next to it. I was like – I wanted to tell my mom to stop, and I told her but she was like we couldn’t, you know, it was it was a green light. And so we drove past and I looked to the side and it was like some sort of beautiful forest I think. And it just had like, muddy tire marks over it . And I felt so bad, but nothing that that has happened to me. Thankfully, knock on wood.

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