“This had been a memory that I had buried”

When was the last time you drew a picture on a fogged-up window? What was it of? Oh man, it’s been way too long, Michigan Diaries. I love this question, too. Last time you drew a picture on a fogged-up window. For some reason, what jumps to mind is when I was a kid on the school bus, we would draw that S. And this had been a memory that I had just buried or not intentionally. It just, it just was a kid thing and then it went away and then it popped up on one of these like nostalgia threads on Reddit or Instagram or something and it was something like, “You know you’re a 90s kid if you remember that S”. And then, I don’t even know if I can describe it, but it’s basically like draw like the three lines on top, three lines on the bottom, and then you connect them diagonal. And then do the points on the top and the bottom and that’s the S. It just is called the S. I don’t know if it has a name. But yeah, we drew that. I must have been like eight. Elementary school, late nineties. Just covered. Just covered the inside of the school bus with these S’s. I don’t know why, dude. It was just, we just did that. But yeah, it’s been way too long since I’ve drawn a picture on a fogged-up window. I’ll have to give that a shot next time I have the chance.

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