“… She did not get that like living or going to Florida for the winter was like a clue…”

The first one that struck me was actually the snowbird one because it makes me immediately think of a story which is probably my only snowbird story. When I was like 24-25, I was living with two other women and one of them I did not get along with and the other one who I did get along with, mostly, she grew up in Austria so there were definitely like kind of cultural things and customs that aren’t you know, second nature to her, that she didn’t necessarily get. And so she had started dating someone. And I was asking her about him, like they had probably been dating for a couple weeks and she was a singer like a choral singer and so they had met in this like choir, a city choir. And you know, she’s telling me this, that, and the other and he sounded really great and she said, “But he spends the winter in Florida.” And I think it was about approaching winter time and I just like had this moment of pause. Because I’m like, okay. Old people spend the winters in Florida because we were in Michigan, living in, Michigan. And so I was like like ,”How old is he?” And again, we were like 24 or 25 and it was the funny part is that she did not get that like living or going to Florida for the winter was like a clue that he was much older. So she said, “He’s 51.” and I had another pause and I was like, “How old is your dad?” And she says “52.” And I was like “Well, at least he’s younger than your dad.” You know? And it was just like, oh man, they I mean they dated for- what I mean, at least six months I think maybe longer. But it’s just like- she definitely- there were some father issues there and I think he seemed like a great guy and she was a great person but it’s just like yeah, I don’t think that’s probably a healthy relationship. But anyway, he was a snowbird. And that’s what I think of when I think of people who winter down south.

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