“My dad and I are extremely competitive with each other.”

Do you and your family like to play a certain game when you all get together? There’s pretty much a few that we stick to, ’cause everyone has different game preferences. I like either strategy games or trivia games. My sister would like more sort of interactive I feel like, like when we were kids she liked to play Charades and I thought that was the worst game ever, but she also thought my trivia games were like the worst games ever. So we pretty much stick to ones that everyone can agree on, which is only about four. There’s like Rummikub, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples. And that’s about it, ’cause someone usually has some objection to the other ones. And it’s always an interesting dynamic, because my sister’s not competitive at all, my dad and I are extremely competitive with each other and that can get funny. We have a game that’s based on the show Jeopardy because that’s my favorite show, and he and I loved to play it. And but we would compete so much with it, that we would worry about little details. You ought to ring a bell like when you want to buzz in and give the answer. And we would get into arguments about who was sitting closer to the bell, or like whose hand was closer. My arm was shorter than his so was that fair? and eventually it got to the point, my sister would usually read the cards ’cause she didn’t want to play and so she measured a distance from the bell. And we each had to put our hands like on that spot and she had to finish reading the card before we could move them. Because that’s the only way it was going to work. We were giving each other bruises from like slapping hands trying to get to the bell first. So that’s always kind of funny, but I usually actually beat him at that game. So maybe that’s why he was so competitive because I was beating him at the Jeopardy game at like age 16.

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