“Every scene was filmed twice, once in Welsh and once in English.”

Something about somebody recommending a new song TV show or movie to you and you really liked it. Well, it's a good thing you didn't ask books because we'd be here all night. But yes, so I -- I was watching a lot of British TV during the shutdown, and I mentioned this is kind of like an icebreaker thing in a staff meeting and somebody who works in my office, but I don't know very well or didn't at the time, said she liked to watch a lot of that too, and she recommended a show called Hinterland to me, and oh my gosh, it is so good. It's really dark but it takes place in Wales. And when they film the show -- when they film the show, they film the every scene is filmed twice, once in Welsh and once in English, I never knew this until I was watching the extra features because of course, I don't speak Welsh I only speak English. And so that's the only one that, I mean, that's the only part of the show that I watch. So of course every actor is bilingual, which I think is really cool. I guess that's not so uncommon in Wales, but, you know would probably not too hard to scrape those people up. But anyway, I still find that is a really fascinating aspect to the show. But yes, it's a very good and of course it has like the lead detective has you know, problems in his past. The stories are -- I'm trying to think if I'm mixing it up with Shetland, Shetland will take an entire season to solve a mystery. I think, I think Hinterlands I don't think it takes a whole season but you know, I'm sure I'm down a season. I should really I should watch it. I tend to watch this stuff on DVD and when you do that, you can only watch seasons that have been out long enough to come out on DVD. Because I get them from the library and so I know they have there's another one out there that maybe by now I can watch it or maybe on my -- maybe on a streaming service, but I highly recommend it. It's not upbeat, but it is very well done. And hey, I suppose if you look hard enough you could…

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“My dad and I are extremely competitive with each other.”

Do you and your family like to play a certain game when you all get together? There's pretty much a few that we stick to, 'cause everyone has different game preferences. I like either strategy games or trivia games. My sister would like more sort of interactive I feel like, like when we were kids she liked to play Charades and I thought that was the worst game ever, but she also thought my trivia games were like the worst games ever. So we pretty much stick to ones that everyone can agree on, which is only about four. There's like Rummikub, Yahtzee, Apples to Apples. And that's about it, 'cause someone usually has some objection to the other ones. And it's always an interesting dynamic, because my sister's not competitive at all, my dad and I are extremely competitive with each other and that can get funny. We have a game that's based on the show Jeopardy because that's my favorite show, and he and I loved to play it. And but we would compete so much with it, that we would worry about little details. You ought to ring a bell like when you want to buzz in and give the answer. And we would get into arguments about who was sitting closer to the bell, or like whose hand was closer. My arm was shorter than his so was that fair? and eventually it got to the point, my sister would usually read the cards 'cause she didn't want to play and so she measured a distance from the bell. And we each had to put our hands like on that spot and she had to finish reading the card before we could move them. Because that's the only way it was going to work. We were giving each other bruises from like slapping hands trying to get to the bell first. So that's always kind of funny, but I usually actually beat him at that game. So maybe that's why he was so competitive because I was beating him at the Jeopardy game at like age 16.

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“… We’re a gaming family for sure.”

We play this other game called "Revenge", and this is our family game. So if you didn't know, Dish Network has Sirius Radio available on it. And we've always had it on it. If you go to those stations and push like the button over right, yeah, the right button over, it kind of brings up a little like menu where it's still playing the music and still showing you the station that's on and the channel, but you can't see the screen to see who who's singing what the song is etc., and so ever since I was like little, like 10, we figured this out and we've made a game of it, to guess who is singing and we call it "Revenge", because this is like -- we want revenge on each other for the last person who's won it's just trivia, you know, who's singing basically, whoever gets the first get the point. And you'll be go through all different kinds of music. And the way you start playing it is we'll just be sitting there like doing nothing, and one of us will say "Revenge" and if at least, you know the majority says "Revenge" so three out of four of us. My older brother did not play this he was -- he was not into it, moved out. He's -- he's like nine years older than me, so, he moved out well before we started playing, but three out of four people at least say "Revenge", we gotta play Revenge. And it's just music trivia, and I win almost every time now. You know, before, I didn't always, and it's all kinds of music, right? It's not just music nowadays. It's like there's country on there for my dad. There's modern hip-hop. There's old hip hop. There's 70s 80s 90s lots of rock and roll stations for sure. You know, especially for older music. But I mean, that's our go-to game. That's our family game. And it is just one of those things that we have always played, makes it sound a little nerdy but -- we have fun and we even have a belt for it. We have this old wrestling WWE belt, you know, the spinner kind that John Cena started. I don't remember if it says Cena on it, or CM Punk or if it just doesn't say anything. But yeah, it's…

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“Pain is a mindset.”

This week has been good. We had our first -- our first ever volleyball game. We won it. We did, we did. But also at first I was not sure we were going to win. So in the very first set we were go-- we took the lead, and then we were kind of neck and neck. Up until like like 18 and then they broke off, and were in the lead until like-- like they were at 23 we were at 20, then we came back to 24-24. And then they won the first set, um with 26 to 24, which is a little bit sad ‘cause we had put in a lot of work, but then the second game, our coach gave us a pep talk and we were like, “No, we can come back because we are better than this team. We know it, and we can play better.” So we came back and we wiped up in the second game and then the third game it came down to it. I don't know if you know much about volleyball, but the first two games are to 25 and it can go into overtime because it's win by two. But the third game, um, it goes to 15 and once you hit 15, the first person to hit 15 points wins, there's no overtime. There's no win by two. So we--we won the third game and it was really cool. We're doing the five one system, which means that there's five hitters on the court whether they're back row or front row hitters. But there's only one setter on the court, and there were two girls that wanted to be setter on our team and I kind of wanted to play middle hitter but coach put me as setter which was a really big surprise. Because I hadn't been expecting it and I didn't really know if I wanted to be setter. So I was a little bit disappointed but also excited but also not. You know? It was quite a bit more pressure than I thought it would be. But I did it and I won and I set up our middle hitter, well, we have two middle hitters. But I'd say is our main middle hitter who is probably the best hitter on our team. I set her up for a couple really good ones.…

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