“Pain is a mindset.”

This week has been good. We had our first — our first ever volleyball game. We won it. We did, we did. But also at first I was not sure we were going to win. So in the very first set we were go– we took the lead, and then we were kind of neck and neck. Up until like like 18 and then they broke off, and were in the lead until like– like they were at 23 we were at 20, then we came back to 24-24. And then they won the first set, um with 26 to 24, which is a little bit sad ‘cause we had put in a lot of work, but then the second game, our coach gave us a pep talk and we were like, “No, we can come back because we are better than this team. We know it, and we can play better.” So we came back and we wiped up in the second game and then the third game it came down to it. I don’t know if you know much about volleyball, but the first two games are to 25 and it can go into overtime because it’s win by two. But the third game, um, it goes to 15 and once you hit 15, the first person to hit 15 points wins, there’s no overtime. There’s no win by two. So we–we won the third game and it was really cool. We’re doing the five one system, which means that there’s five hitters on the court whether they’re back row or front row hitters. But there’s only one setter on the court, and there were two girls that wanted to be setter on our team and I kind of wanted to play middle hitter but coach put me as setter which was a really big surprise. Because I hadn’t been expecting it and I didn’t really know if I wanted to be setter. So I was a little bit disappointed but also excited but also not. You know? It was quite a bit more pressure than I thought it would be. But I did it and I won and I set up our middle hitter, well, we have two middle hitters. But I’d say is our main middle hitter who is probably the best hitter on our team. I set her up for a couple really good ones. But then in the last five points of our third game, she turned to me and she was like, “I think I rolled my ankle, my ankle hurts”, I was like, “come on, you gotta suck it up”, ‘cause it was kind of like a joke then, and I told her, “Pain is a mindset”, and then we all laughed about it, but then with two points to go, she was like “guys it’s burning”, and I was like, “oh my gosh, can you stick it out for two more points”, which she did but now today at practice, she was wearing like a little brace and she couldn’t run but we’re really hoping that she can be back in by tomorrow’s Monday game, which I think she will I think if she ices it and takes good care of it, then she’ll be okay, but it’s both funny and kind of sad.

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