“Every scene was filmed twice, once in Welsh and once in English.”

Something about somebody recommending a new song TV show or movie to you and you really liked it. Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t ask books because we’d be here all night. But yes, so I — I was watching a lot of British TV during the shutdown, and I mentioned this is kind of like an icebreaker thing in a staff meeting and somebody who works in my office, but I don’t know very well or didn’t at the time, said she liked to watch a lot of that too, and she recommended a show called Hinterland to me, and oh my gosh, it is so good. It’s really dark but it takes place in Wales. And when they film the show — when they film the show, they film the every scene is filmed twice, once in Welsh and once in English, I never knew this until I was watching the extra features because of course, I don’t speak Welsh I only speak English. And so that’s the only one that, I mean, that’s the only part of the show that I watch. So of course every actor is bilingual, which I think is really cool. I guess that’s not so uncommon in Wales, but, you know would probably not too hard to scrape those people up. But anyway, I still find that is a really fascinating aspect to the show. But yes, it’s a very good and of course it has like the lead detective has you know, problems in his past. The stories are — I’m trying to think if I’m mixing it up with Shetland, Shetland will take an entire season to solve a mystery. I think, I think Hinterlands I don’t think it takes a whole season but you know, I’m sure I’m down a season. I should really I should watch it. I tend to watch this stuff on DVD and when you do that, you can only watch seasons that have been out long enough to come out on DVD. Because I get them from the library and so I know they have there’s another one out there that maybe by now I can watch it or maybe on my — maybe on a streaming service, but I highly recommend it. It’s not upbeat, but it is very well done. And hey, I suppose if you look hard enough you could find the Welsh version and watch that too.

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