“… We’re a gaming family for sure.”

We play this other game called “Revenge”, and this is our family game. So if you didn’t know, Dish Network has Sirius Radio available on it. And we’ve always had it on it. If you go to those stations and push like the button over right, yeah, the right button over, it kind of brings up a little like menu where it’s still playing the music and still showing you the station that’s on and the channel, but you can’t see the screen to see who who’s singing what the song is etc., and so ever since I was like little, like 10, we figured this out and we’ve made a game of it, to guess who is singing and we call it “Revenge”, because this is like — we want revenge on each other for the last person who’s won it’s just trivia, you know, who’s singing basically, whoever gets the first get the point. And you’ll be go through all different kinds of music. And the way you start playing it is we’ll just be sitting there like doing nothing, and one of us will say “Revenge” and if at least, you know the majority says “Revenge” so three out of four of us. My older brother did not play this he was — he was not into it, moved out. He’s — he’s like nine years older than me, so, he moved out well before we started playing, but three out of four people at least say “Revenge”, we gotta play Revenge. And it’s just music trivia, and I win almost every time now. You know, before, I didn’t always, and it’s all kinds of music, right? It’s not just music nowadays. It’s like there’s country on there for my dad. There’s modern hip-hop. There’s old hip hop. There’s 70s 80s 90s lots of rock and roll stations for sure. You know, especially for older music. But I mean, that’s our go-to game. That’s our family game. And it is just one of those things that we have always played, makes it sound a little nerdy but — we have fun and we even have a belt for it. We have this old wrestling WWE belt, you know, the spinner kind that John Cena started.

I don’t remember if it says Cena on it, or CM Punk or if it just doesn’t say anything. But yeah, it’s one of those and like whoever won last gets the belt. The belt is at my parents’ house right now because I didn’t — I do not take the belt with me, but it’s just fun, we’re a gaming family for sure.

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