“I had this place that I called my recycling center.”

The thing in my house growing up was saving the Jif peanut butter jars, plastic jars. My stepdad is a handyman, and he likes to keep tons of stuff in those. Whether it's, you know, nails, screws, popsicle sticks when you're working with epoxy. You know, nuts, wing nuts, cable ties. They're just kind of a convenient size. I don't know why he, I don't know why he liked the peanut butter jars in particular, but he did, so we save - you know, wash those out and and save them. Similarly glass jars, liked to hang onto glass jars sometimes, just for drinking glasses, just kinda fun.  I mean for years, I've hung on to old laptops and kinda refurbished them. You know, adding a different battery, or back when they had magnetic hard drives, swap that out with a solid state drive, make it 10 times faster. Put Linux on it instead of Windows, similarly feel fast, it'll feel faster. Yeah, haven't, haven't had too much of the - I don't have too much space in my current apartment. But in an earlier apartment, I had this place that I called my recycling center. It was sort of an attic. And I would just save, save like stuff that would go into the recycling, or that was like an odd shape or an odd material and then sometimes I would use it for crafts or - that was back when I was working with electronics more. Just making random hobby projects and stuff, haven't been into that deep in a few years, but I remember that being fun.

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“I just feel like I’m always chasing that Irish Magnum Bar…”

... But something that I always crave, that's really really good... When I was living in Ireland, they had Magnum Bars. So they're just ice cream bars. They were the Almond Magnum Bars, so it's like chocolate and almonds on the outside and then just vanilla ice cream, which I guess as I explain it, also sounds very much like American food. But there's something about, like, the way that they make it there. I don't know if there's like different standards, but - 'cause I've had Magnum bars here that just aren't as good. There's something about them there. They’re so, so tasty. So when I was living there, I think they were like one or two euro, and I would just constantly be getting them as a snack. We were hiking all the time, so I'd be walking by the gas station and I'd grab some, and I don't know I just feel like I'm always chasing that Irish Magnum Bar because I see them here, I try them. I see them other places, I try them. They’re never as good, I’ve never found an ice cream bar here that even compares. Which is a bummer because I eat ice cream incessantly, and it’d be really great if it was the tastiest version of something I’ve had before. 

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“I stood in line for seven hours on the streets of Boston.”

So I have a favorite band, and they are a year older than I am. 33. 33 years old. September 16th, 1989 is when they formed, and they are called The Pillows. They’re a Japanese alternative rock band and when I say alternative rock… They've had a lot of years to experiment, so they've tried all sorts of different mashups of genres and all sorts of stuff, meaning I don't like every album of theirs. But they are interesting to say the least, and I definitely recommend giving a listen to every single one of their CDs, one of their albums, because if you're into alternative stuff, you'll probably find something you’ll like. Even if you don't understand the lyrics, you’ll vibe with the music and you can kind of, with music, get a feel for what the song is sort of about, like the emotion of the song, even without understanding lyrics, right? Generally. And with them, I think definitely so. That said, I discovered them when I was, I want to say 11 or 12 years old. They did the soundtrack with a few other artists, but for the most part, like I'd say like 90% of the soundtrack, was by The Pillows, and it was for an anime called Fooly Cooly, also known as FLCL. It aired on Adult Swim in 2001 or 2002, 2003, in there. Only six episodes, but it was a passion project, meaning everything involved in it, people put their all into it. They put every effort they had into it because it was something they loved. And that included getting The Pillows for the soundtrack. The Pillows are a very popular band in Japan. They've played at the Budokan which is like the freaking Mecca of bands. Like that's the venue you go to if you mean anything at all to culture there; they play there all the time. There's even an anime character named after the lead singer, Yamanaka Sawako, which is a play on Yamanaka Sawao, who’s the lead singer. Anyways, point being, prolific band in Japan and I became an instant fan and their music has guided me through a lot of my life. Discovered them when I was like 11 or 12 and I am 32 now. So back in 2018, they decided to tour America. And I knew this was coming because they announced seasons two and…

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“We saw that… they were angel wings.”

Anyway, so I went to a hockey game and then the next morning I woke up really early. I think I woke up at 5:30? And got ready, and my boyfriend and I went ice skating at the same place because they had 24-hour ice skating available for a charity event for our Minor Hockey League here. So, went really early, and one of the hockey players was skating every hour there. So, got my picture taken with the hockey player that was skating at the time that I was there, which I'm not familiar with what this - who this hockey player is, but what was really nice was that there was only this hockey player and one other person on the ice, so I had kinda free reign to kinda go all over and fall if I needed to and not feel embarrassed. And honestly, I think, I like, did an okay job. Like, I didn't fall this time around, you know, didn't fall at all and I went around four times. And I was like, “I'm ready to be done,” and then my boyfriend kind of pushed me to go around, you know, “One more time,” and then another “One more time,” and then another “One more time.” So I went a few more times than I planned, so that's good. And so, you know, I didn't - we didn't skate for long but I did get out there and I skated, got a picture with the player and then after we put our shoes back on from putting our skates away, it started snowing and it was really pretty out. So, we decided that we weren't ready to go in just yet, so we went to the river and there's this like beautiful lit up blue bridge in my city here and on it from a distance, you can see, like, there's these like butterfly or angel wings or something. So we decided to park on the river and, like, walk over to the bridge, like from one bridge to another bridge. And we got lots of really cool pictures of, you know, the walk in the snow, and then the bridge in the snow, and then the bridge being lit up, and then once we walked onto the bridge, we saw that the wings, they were angel wings. There were three sets of angel wings…

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