“I just feel like I’m always chasing that Irish Magnum Bar…”

… But something that I always crave, that’s really really good… When I was living in Ireland, they had Magnum Bars. So they’re just ice cream bars. They were the Almond Magnum Bars, so it’s like chocolate and almonds on the outside and then just vanilla ice cream, which I guess as I explain it, also sounds very much like American food. But there’s something about, like, the way that they make it there. I don’t know if there’s like different standards, but – ’cause I’ve had Magnum bars here that just aren’t as good. There’s something about them there. They’re so, so tasty. So when I was living there, I think they were like one or two euro, and I would just constantly be getting them as a snack. We were hiking all the time, so I’d be walking by the gas station and I’d grab some, and I don’t know I just feel like I’m always chasing that Irish Magnum Bar because I see them here, I try them. I see them other places, I try them. They’re never as good, I’ve never found an ice cream bar here that even compares. Which is a bummer because I eat ice cream incessantly, and it’d be really great if it was the tastiest version of something I’ve had before. 

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