“I had this place that I called my recycling center.”

The thing in my house growing up was saving the Jif peanut butter jars, plastic jars. My stepdad is a handyman, and he likes to keep tons of stuff in those. Whether it’s, you know, nails, screws, popsicle sticks when you’re working with epoxy. You know, nuts, wing nuts, cable ties. They’re just kind of a convenient size. I don’t know why he, I don’t know why he liked the peanut butter jars in particular, but he did, so we save – you know, wash those out and and save them. Similarly glass jars, liked to hang onto glass jars sometimes, just for drinking glasses, just kinda fun.  I mean for years, I’ve hung on to old laptops and kinda refurbished them. You know, adding a different battery, or back when they had magnetic hard drives, swap that out with a solid state drive, make it 10 times faster. Put Linux on it instead of Windows, similarly feel fast, it’ll feel faster. Yeah, haven’t, haven’t had too much of the – I don’t have too much space in my current apartment. But in an earlier apartment, I had this place that I called my recycling center. It was sort of an attic. And I would just save, save like stuff that would go into the recycling, or that was like an odd shape or an odd material and then sometimes I would use it for crafts or – that was back when I was working with electronics more. Just making random hobby projects and stuff, haven’t been into that deep in a few years, but I remember that being fun.

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