“We saw that… they were angel wings.”

Anyway, so I went to a hockey game and then the next morning I woke up really early. I think I woke up at 5:30? And got ready, and my boyfriend and I went ice skating at the same place because they had 24-hour ice skating available for a charity event for our Minor Hockey League here. So, went really early, and one of the hockey players was skating every hour there. So, got my picture taken with the hockey player that was skating at the time that I was there, which I’m not familiar with what this – who this hockey player is, but what was really nice was that there was only this hockey player and one other person on the ice, so I had kinda free reign to kinda go all over and fall if I needed to and not feel embarrassed. And honestly, I think, I like, did an okay job. Like, I didn’t fall this time around, you know, didn’t fall at all and I went around four times. And I was like, “I’m ready to be done,” and then my boyfriend kind of pushed me to go around, you know, “One more time,” and then another “One more time,” and then another “One more time.” So I went a few more times than I planned, so that’s good. And so, you know, I didn’t – we didn’t skate for long but I did get out there and I skated, got a picture with the player and then after we put our shoes back on from putting our skates away, it started snowing and it was really pretty out. So, we decided that we weren’t ready to go in just yet, so we went to the river and there’s this like beautiful lit up blue bridge in my city here and on it from a distance, you can see, like, there’s these like butterfly or angel wings or something. So we decided to park on the river and, like, walk over to the bridge, like from one bridge to another bridge. And we got lots of really cool pictures of, you know, the walk in the snow, and then the bridge in the snow, and then the bridge being lit up, and then once we walked onto the bridge, we saw that the wings, they were angel wings. There were three sets of angel wings with halos and it’s part of a fun, like, winter fest, that’s been kind of going on for like a month or whatever. So we took some pictures of that and it was really pretty because the snow and walked back to the car and went out for brunch and then came home and took a nap and it was a fun weekend. I really enjoyed it. 

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